Compare two lists

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One item per line and only one row per list. Check out this example to see how this tool works.


The two lists will be sorted and duplicates and empty lines will be removed. You can either paste your lists or click the browse buttons to use files on
your local machine. Only text files can be used and maximum 15MB combined size for the two files.

Lists are treated as case insentive and will be converted to lower case unless you select . If you have large lists (several MB) you can
select . The lists will then not be kept in the input fields and the result will not be shown but must be downloaded.

When comparing Instagram followers, you can select to remove dates from the lists. Most languages are supported.

Need to remove unwanted characters like quotes or replace commas with linebreaks? Click the "Text replacement tool" button to the right.

Funding and donations:

As this tool is run in my spare time using my own funds donations are appreciated.


This tool was created by Martin Holk Rasmussen. I welcome your comments and suggestions!